1st Newsletter!

Below is our first newsletter.  NINJA aims to be an outreach network that will engage people with the skills, information and questions to challenge the problems with our soscieity, and hopefully work together towards a new one.

We will be updating this site more thoroughly and weekly from now on so please feel free to check reguarly, and contact us on  ninjaction@riseup.net with any questions

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2 Responses to 1st Newsletter!

  1. Guido says:

    The more contributed to the movement the better, so I welcome the Ninja newsletter. However, I find it a little two dimensional. Big marches – bad, direct action – good.

    Face facts. If the big, boring A-B march called by NUS had not happened on 10 November, Millbank would not have happened. If the bureaucrats (and people like Clare Soloman of ULU are counted in this) didn’t call the other marches on the various “day x”s the subsequent protests, kettling and the high profile of the student resistance would have been vastly undermined.

    There are millions of people who MIGHT get involved in more militant direct action, but first they’ll want to get together with others on a march. Their decision to participate in DA will come, maybe on that same day, maybe after more consideration.

    On 10 November, there was a student asked by a cop to cover up the word FUCK on his handwritten placard early in the day. He did so. I saw him later in Millbank, quite a radicalisation happening on the day.

    I don’t think this movement is directly comparable to the anti-War movement. Firstly, the cuts will directly effect the majority of people in this country. It will prove impossible to ignore.
    Second, the Coalition of Resistance / Right to Wirk / NSSN / whatever else there is means there’s no one organisation dominating things like STW.
    Third, the STWC was launched days after September 11 2001, this time round the big marching orgs were far slower, meaning things like UKUncut got off to a good start over vodafone.
    4th, the students – no one controlled this and good thing too.

    If Lewisham is repeated (in the way of bringing in the student resistance to the local anti cuts movement), there is a phenominum hard to stop or control.

    At the end of the Ninja newsletter, there’s a list of events including the CoR conference and the TUC march in March. Contradicts the line of the newsletter somewhat, but is right to include these details – the TUC march could be explosive, the CoR could provide some excellent links.

    To end, the movement is multi faceted, and thankfully involves huge numbers of people with soft ideas. The question is How can we get hundreds of thousands involved in meaningful DA? By marching with a talking to people, perhaps? It would be a start.

    One other issue. That of the Trade Unions. If there was a strike called across one or two of the big unions (Unite? PCS?) how would you relate to it?

    And finally finally, in your Bullingdon Club picture, you left a label off – Nat Rothschild – the richest fucker of the lot.

    See you on the streets.

    • ninjarise says:

      All very good stuff mate, ta for your contribution. I hope you can see that from what we promote (RTW and the TUC march) that we are promoting and supporting all facets of the movement, whilst agitating for more. It is also supposed to be fun and confrontational, so i am gald you found things to disagree with in there or else it wouldn’t be doing it’s job.
      Cheers for your input, more coming soon.

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