State MultiCulturalism isn’t working!


State Multi-Culturalism isn’t working!  

David Cameron accidently nails it…

David Cameron earlier last week identified a dangerous minority whose views have grown troublingly prevalent in modern times.

They refuse to abide by the mores of decent people.  They have no respect for the laws of this country. They refuse to pay their taxes and help each other cheat the system and scrounge off the state.  They roll in here and take all our jobs, wreck our health service and bleed our welfare system dry. 

And don’t get me started on housing, education and the rest of it.  We can’t even have a party without them wrecking it.

And every time you try to have a go there’s a new law passed to protect them.

It’s political correctness gone mad. 

We are of course talking about those damned elitists!  And that’s the problem with statism (that’s the bot we’ve got a problem with in State Multiculturalism), it just gives them a breeding ground.

Whether they call themselves Politicians or Bankers, Economists or Multinational Corporations, you just can’t get away from them. They’re neo-liberal free market fundamentalists!

These dangerous fundamentalists, are usually young men, lead off the path of decent living at a formative age.

“A search for something to belong to, for something to believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology”. 

Yeah, those private schools must be pretty awful! We can only imagine how tough it is to go to Eton and try to fit in, the Bullingdon club must seem like safe refuge for a poor confused young man…

“We fear that many of them have influenced by what many have called non violent extremists (like Milton Friedman perhaps) they then took their beliefs to the next level by embracing violence.”

We think the scholars they teach in these institutions of the elites, such as Milton Friedman, Adam Smith and so forth can easily be misinterpreted and encourage this dangerous minority to take actions that risk the lives of many innocent people.  

Just look at how many lives the cuts will needlessly destroy, how much free market ideology robs us of daily, or the sheer cost of life of Tony Blair’s wars.

But it’s gone too far, Dave is spot on when he points out that they’re not helping the problem, and nor are we.

“We’ve even allowed these minorities to live completely separate lives in segregated communities”

This dangerous minority are rarely to be seen and keep themselves separated. Places like the City of London, Westminster Village and Eton not only have their own security forces but are able to set their own laws to protect themselves and their destructive and aggressive lifestyle. Tsk, tsk.
“We are frankly too fearful of questioning these objectionable views … Instead of ignoring this extremist ideology we should confront it as a …society and create a shared identity that is open to all”
Damn straight – we should start by questioning those who have cheap shots at people of different coloured skin and different religions just to hide their nefarious activities and distract us from the real problems we face! 

We know this minority, we know what they are and we’re finally getting the confidence to challenge their unacceptable behaviour! Politicians, Bankers, Bosses, the financial elite -we’re coming for ya!

“We’ve failed to provide a vision of society which they feel that they want to belong.”

Cameron is right, Governments have never given us a vision of society that anyone wishes to belong to, we’ve always had to create our own and reach out and get it.  

It’s time to really start getting to that task before it’s too late.  It’s not the multiculturalism that needs to go, it’s the state and the dangerous minority that controls it!

Another world is possible and we know that a truly democratic one, one where people have control of our own lives, of our communities and the resources we share is really the only possible future for peace and co-existence.  It is time to start convincing this dangerous minority that this true.


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