An ambitious plan…

An Ambitious Suggestion for future Co-ordinated protest


Why don’t we call our own mass demonstration?  Not being confined by the shackles of leadership we can have a carnival for everyone which will include food, music, dance and all the fun things that everyone loves, whilst leaving the door open for every kind of civil disobedience possible.  

It can be a day of decentralised action, with 100 targets across the city, or even country.  Each to be tackled by whoever in what ever way they wish.

We should give ourselves a long time to build for this – maybe a full year.  It would seem that we need to build our own capacity to mobilise mass protest, if only so as to not be constantly sidelined as a ‘minority’, but also for the ability to truly engage a mass of people with direct action.

 In the interim we only concentrate on community organising, focusing on getting out into the wider world and campaigning for things close to home.

We can have this day as part of our focus of campaigning locally with each group being able to focus on it in their own, doing what they want and learning how they are going to do it in the lead up by other more local actions.

This way we build solidarity, a commitment to action, a focus for campaiging and we move beyond students and radicals.

Mayday 2012 would seem to be the obvious choice.  If they are going to attack international workers day, we should strike right back.  What better time?  And it gives us long enough to truly build for it.  Because we have to build our own capability for organisation that does not rely on Unions or Parties, but upon the people.

The last thing we must remember is that we should also have a clear idea of what to do after.  Too often we build up to big events as if they are what is going to change things.  It is not the events that change things, it us, together, taking control.


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