March for the Alternative – An Anthology of quick thoughts

The March for the Alternative – An anthology of quick thoughts!

1. As per usual Anarchists, Black Bloc and anyone who strayed away from the march route were denounced by the so called left leadership yet again – however we are not sure how representative Ed Miliband or Brendan Barber really are.  Apparently the violent mob detracted from the positivity of the March.  Even the Charlie Brookers’ of the media were at it, not denouncing the rest of the media as you might think, but actually denouncing the protestors.  Here is our defence.  

We did what we could in good conscience, as part of plurality of tactics, because we have been here before and we know that we have no voice, no recourse to hope of any change but through action. What is senseless is the acts of system which destroys lives every day, and the acts of those, who without thinking, continue to perpetuate that system. The acts of vandalism were the acts of thoughtful, caring and desperate people.  There will be more acts like this, but maybe we should change what they are and how we do them – that is discussed here.

2. We think of everything through the goggles of the past – this time many had hoped this would be a Poll Tax moment, but of course we wrong from the offset.  Here is why we were wrong, and why it doesn’t matter.  Most importantly, what can we learn from a day divided, but united?

3. Now the real work begins

Some tips on community organising and where we can start to build.

4. An ambitious plan
Mayday 2012 – they are going to try and take it from us, but can this be the moment when we show we can mobilise a mass of people without Trade unions or parties, when the people start taking control?


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