Cameron asks us all to look at the funny brown people who don’t speak the same language as us, in amazing “look over there” strategy – whilst he robs us blind.

You can just smell an election coming when some good old beating the drum about bloody foreigners over here needing to ‘learn our language’ and ‘immigration needs to be controlled’

(btw big Dave, if you want people to learn the language why are you cutting funding for ESOL – that teach people English if it is their second language – courses?  You bellend)

Of course even by his meagre standards of ’good immigration’ he is bloody stupid, with the rise in costs for international students and the cap on immigration only decreasing then money brought into the country by people from outside of it.

Of course we all know that is a stupid debate and shouldn’t be entered into – sorry for my momentary lapse – because all he’s trying to do is get is to LOOK AWAY NOW!

Think about how bad other people are cause of their clothes, religion, language, skin colour anything and NOT US, BECAUSE WE’RE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY OF THIS:

– 1 million unemployed between the ages of 16-24 (that 20% baby!)
– A series of reforms to the NHS that will devastate it and everyone hates (but “i’m sorry you don’t get it” says Lansley – cheers mate)
– All our services being shut down to make sure bankers can keep their bonuses
– People being tricked out of their benefits to meet targets
– A decline in NHS funding so that we’re sacking 890 paramedics!
– A u-turn on Nuclear power (by the Lib Dems) just as a Chernobyl sized meltdown is going on in Japan
– Runaway inflation (i.e. everything is way more expensive) with pay freezes for all of us lucky enough to keep our jobs
– Million pound bombs being used to occasionally kill the forces of a dictator we have funded and armed.
– The pension age going up, forcing those who still have jobs to work longer.
– Half a million jobs going in the public sector

Or any of the other shit that is ripping apart our society on a daily basis.  
No, you’re right Dave, what we need is get them god damn migrants to school and get them out of this beautifully cared for nation of ours.

You complete and utter


“David Cameron thought he would be so popular with his policies to reduce council spending, sell-off the forests, and cut immigration.

But the first research from his new happiness survey shows that what people like is visiting their local library, walking in the forests and eating in Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants.”


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