Cerebral palsy tsunami

Disabled yob attacks police
“He was like a cerebral palsy tsunami!”

Jody McIntyre, a demonstrator on the 9th December protests in London was seen to be approaching police lines in his wheel chair.  According to Ben Brown, the heroic BBC presenter who interviewed the would be thug, Jody only ‘appeared’ to be dragged from his wheelchair in video footage on YouTube.

In his never ending quest for the truth Ben Brown utilised nearly an entire 8 minute interview to reveal that prior to footage the ‘revolutionary – and therefore obviously violent – maniac Jody presented a clear danger to the police, the public, and to himself.

‘Were you throwing objects at the police?  Were you shouting abuse? Were you wheeling yourself towards the police lines?’.  Jody refused to answer the questions in straight manner, trying to shift the blame for his untoward actions on his brother.’I suffer from from cerebral palsy, my brother has to wheel me around’

He then tried to equate his clearly irresponsible actions with that of police, and claim that they were in fact responsible for greater violence.

“Alfie Meadows is in hospital within an inch of his life after a policeman struck him on the head, imagine if that was a police man or Prince Charles”

Thankfully Ben Brown managed to tactfully suggest that Alfie probably deserved it as well. “I was at the demonstration today and some protestors were throwing rocks!”

Finally Jody broke and asked “Do you really think that i could, in a wheelchair, pose a serious threat to an army of police officers, armed with weapons?”  What a mouthy git!

See Mark Steele’s blog for response, and YouTube



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