Mayday for UK day – taking the piss

Mayday for UK day – you are taking the piss

Ok so changing days for tourist season doesn’t sound like an important change does it?

But Mayday is more than an old country fayre festival, it is international workers day.  It is celebrated in over 80 countries all on the same day, and many others unofficially.  It has been a workers day for over a hundred years, and has been the centre of many major international strikes over the past two centuries.

Most importantly it commemorates the deaths of innocent protestors, murdered by the police, in 1884.

What on earth would be the point in changing the day to UK day in October?  What would that even mean?  Why not have both?  We have way less public holidays than anywhere else in Europe, if we the government want to make us celebrate a loyalty day, then, sure i’ll take the time off, but i wont give up a historical celebration like Mayday.  Hell no.

Yet another snotty attempt by Cameron to take the piss, yet again.


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