THE CUTS – There are so many and so devastating to us all it it is hard to list here – our hospitals, schools, universities, forests, sure start centres, EMA, community centres, care homes, benefits, pensions, legal aid, jobs, public transport, public services and jobs are all gonna be slashed.  yet bankers are still drawing THEIR paychecks
2 things to remember
1) The cuts are unnecessary!  We have almost never had this low a national debt in 250 years! Honestly – check the PCS website for more stats – like how we lose £1bn a year to benefit fraud, but £120bn a year to uncollected corporate tax!
2) Even if they were – WE shouldn’t pay for them.  WE didn’t do anything wrong!  WE weren’t gambling with other people’s cash!  WE aren’t still getting MASSIVE bonuses!

ANTI – SQUATTING LAWS – Sound like something for dreadlocked krusties to worry about right?  Wrong! There are 18,000 empty houses in Manchester, more than enough to go around.
If things keep getting worse (which is on the cards) we are going to need these laws more than ever.
Check the website to links to squatting laws if you are being threatened by the landlord and you don’t know what to do.

ANTI-PROTEST LAWS – All of social change in this country, and across the world, has included action and property damage.  It most certainly has included protest.  Yet laws are being drawn up to allow the police to arrest people to ‘prevent’ a breach of the peace, days before a protest even occurs!

During and before the Royal Wedding hundreds of people have been arrested.
Most will not be charged, of those that are, most are guilty of nothing and will be proved to be so.  Out of those arrested include a boy beaten so badly by the police he received brain surgery, a disabled activist pulled repeatedly from his chair, a pensionable aged lecturer and community organisers around Heathrow airport.

These are dangerous signs of the expected response for protest.

Do not believe everything you read in the media, show support for the arrested at and before protests, and challenge these laws.


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