People condemn governmental violence


Witchhunt begins for perpetrators of attacks on millions of people!

A motley crew of big businesses, bankers, old Etonians
and members of parliament are thought to be behind
one of the most vicious and violent attacks seen in living

What started as a subtle form of harassment
and intimidation years ago has turned into a full-scale
attack on the sick, the poor, the elderly, the disabled,
the working and those who dare to dream of educating

In the first response to these attacks since they began,
students dismantled the Conservative HQ at Millbank,
promising ‘This is only beginning’.

We at Ninja Rise  can only hope so, because we feel that the dismantling
of this building, and a few smashed windows, is not
nearly a big enough response.

We are afraid we are going to have to see a stronger response to stop these
power-hungry bullies from devastating the lives of
upstanding people across these fair isles.

Underneath we list the various ways in which this mob
is taking away so much from us (whilst pretending it is
for our own benefit, that we are “all in this together”
and that it is unavoidable), and the many different ways
we can combat this.

Hopefully, we will one day live in a
real democracy where we all share the power to make
the decisions that affect our lives so much.


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