Statement of solidarity with student and youth struggles across Europe

Statement of solidarity with student and youth struggles across Europe

The contradictions of Capitalism are revealing themselves in the social
and environmental crises felt by those living in the most difficult and
precarious of conditions. In Europe many youth live in precarity; in
sub-standard housing, no heating in winter, poor diet, with little
prospect of employment unless in exploitative low paid jobs, often
arbitrarily criminalised and with many prone to mental health conditions,
street violence and drug abuse. The only choice presented by society for
youth to “escape” these conditions is to become qualified with a bourgeois
education which must be paid for by working away a lifetime in debt

In desiring anything else the young are said to be naive idealists and
dreamers while the world itself is destroyed by the ideologies of a ruling
class who cling desperately to power as the true obscenity of its social
war is ever more evident. The death drive of Capitalism is destroying the
future and it is the youth who will live to witness the worst of this, we
reject this as the only story of our lives…

We are the image of the future.
(Graffiti in Athens, Dec ’08)

First there was Athens, then Paris, now London…              (Graffiti
in London, Dec ’10)

Across Europe we have seen and many of us taken part in pockets of
insurrection where this general discontent is erupting to the surface in a
way not seen in four decades. Just when the ruling class thought their
hegemony was assured, we deny it with a scream so loud it is undeniable,
where it is no longer possible for us to be written off as a violent
As youth, students and all those taking part in class struggle in the UK
we wanted to express our gratitude for the acts of solidarity that have
taken place in recent months and our desire to reciprocate and build an
international anti-austerity struggle against capitalism and corporate




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