We’re all in this together

We’re all in this together…  What me?  Of course I would happily work for £1 an hour!

Sharing a burden of debt is hard.  Especially when you’re sharing it with a bunch of lazy, layabout student pensioners, with overly comfortable jobs that do nothing for no one.

We’ve tried to cram in how our glorious leaders enlightened approach to sharing a debt has been shared equally amongst us and express our sympathy for the hardships they and their friends are going to have to go through. A more full approach can be found on the website, but here are the highlights.



The CBI is the UK’s top business lobbying organisation with, ‘unmatched influence’ on government policy making. Made up of large companies such as TESCO, BP and RBS, the CBI have lobbied consistently for the cuts, and more specifically for the cuts to be directed against the poor through Welfare cuts – to ‘prioritise areas that create economic growth’ – or to make more money to you an me.

Whilst the profits of the combined CBI businesses enter into the billions (and personal wealth of the chief executives in the many millions, with record payouts last year – top 100 average pay packet £3.6 million), they have lobbied for a reduction of welfare, supported the drastic destruction of the benefit system, encouraged the rise in tuition fees and have tried to make any action, such as strikes, against these new policies nearly impossible to take.


These bastions of the economy have been bad mouthed enough, so just a couple of footnotes to point out that oddly enough, whilst bosses pay increased on average 15% (to average earnings going up 4%) the FTSE100 had fallen 3% – OVER THE PAST TEN YEARS.  Good work guys on keeping it under your hat for so long.  I bet you kind of feel relieved now.


European shares are at a 2 year high and average corporate earnings are up 30.7%.  In the financial sector (the one that has tanked the most) they’re up 94.1%.  Great news!  Excellent!  So I guess they can start paying pack the cash and I can let me nan turn on the heating this Xmas… wait, hold up, nope.  Nothing. Oh actually, they want more!

That’s right leading businesses have gone to the Bank of England and asked for another £50bn to be pumped into the economy. Get knitting nan, I have bad circulation at this time of year.

US (scrounging lazy, etc,etc)


The cuts to housing benefit are likely to make most housing in the south unaffordable to people without jobs, due to the caps on it. This is likely to cause a migration North, to cities such as Manchester and generally to the outskirts of London. Where they wont be able to afford to travel from to work, or buy food, or cover energy costs. Over 10,000 people in Manchester will be hit by this cap.

How ever in Manchester, and everywhere else, there will be next to no social housing as the budget is cut by 60% and we could see a quick decline in what little affordable housing is left as competition grows for it. Just as everyone loses their jobs. Brilliant.


Savage cuts will be directed at the disabled. The employment and support allowance, for those unable to work due disability, will be limited to one year. After that they will be forced to accept jobs under the same terms as able bodied people! Also mobility allowance will be cut for those in residential care, which will imprison many in their own homes.


The unemployed may now to be forced into work or benefits for up to three years if they do not take work. Forced labour was a tactic of many other popular regimes, but is it really necessary in a society where despite claims to the contrary, we live with wealth to share?

Yes is the answer coming loud and clear from the U.S.  How can you compete with poor starving third worlders if you are going to have pay minimum wage?  £1 an hour is all you should really get for building roads, or taking out bins.  They get paid far too much as it it, and there is loads of unemployed around, so why don’t you sack your workers and help out those poor unfortunates/lazy layabouts get a job. That pays worse than a real job.  but get s them out of the house, right?


Half a million jobs to be axed! Enough said surely? Not quite. The resultant loss of jobs has been estimated that it will cause up to another half million job loses in the private sector. The resultant loss in tax revenue lost from Public sector workers is about £4.5bn which has not been factored into government figures (and that figure could be greater with the private sector losses).

Hardship will not only be faced by those families but by those who these public sector workers used to provide for. Travel, social care, community support, these are the areas where we are likely to loose the most.

Outsourcing and privatisation will also endanger local health care trusts and prison systems as they get turned into profit making machines, with services cut depending on how profitable they are.


NHS spending will grow by just 1.3% over four years – lower than at any time in its  history and wholly insufficient to meet rising demand, drug costs and demographic pressures – hence the demand for 20% “efficiency savings” already translating into recruitment freezes and treatment restrictions in many trusts. If combined with the reorganisations proposed in the NHS White Paper the effects on equity and continuity of care could be catastrophic.

The Royal College of Nursing have stated there are 27,000 NHS jobs already highlighted for the cut across the UK which nicely compliments the cuts to health spending, putting the NHS into turmoil. Best not get ill too soon then!


Cuts in local authority spending are going to hit elderly people who depend on council run transport, day centres, home based and residential care.  Pensions may be rolled into one payment, that means there will be no variation in fuel allowance.


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