Dirty benefit cheats


 ‘They’ve been taking the piss for years, now it’s time to help them kick the habit and get back to meaningful employment’ (A NINJA)

For years, in fact for as long as NINJA can remember (which is a long time – we’re like elephants. With masks instead of trunks) there has been a portion of society taking the rest of us for a ride.

They’ve been cheating the rest of us out of our hard earned money and sponging off the state.  This has been confirmed by HMRC in figures that show these scroungers are in fact stealing £120bn a year!!!  (http://www.pcs.org.uk/campaigns)

£120bn is enough money to pay for the whole NHS budget again and go a long way to paying the whole education budget again on top of that.

We are of course talking about that motley crew some call ‘the elite’ – bankers, corporations, politicians, executives, etc. The powerful and wealthy in general.

It has recently been reported (http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/may/08/rich-list-recession-billionaires?INTCMP=SRCH)  that their wealth is back at pre crash levels, and to get onto Britain’s Rich list you need to have £15 million more than you needed in 2008 before the crash.

But in a new low for the scum, they have resorted to attacking disabled people in a shameful attack on the most vulnerable to feed their grasping need for the state to subsidise their wildly wasteful lifestyles.

Corporate thugs ATOS have been employed by the government to drive people off benefits (at a cost of £300 million btw), by coming up with such ingenious tests for fitness such as ‘can you left a pen?’ or ‘can you put your arms above your head’.


As you can imagine these stringent methods for judging disability are forcing people to survive without home care, mobility allowance or even enough money to pay the rent.

 As one disabled activist pointed out ‘I had my home help cut from 7 days a week to 2 because I was able to put a pen in my pocket.  I live the other 5 days a week now in fear of having an accident.’ 

Of course this is only to pay for the lavish lifestyles of powerful people who more money than morals, who nonetheless have spent vast amounts getting us to blame those in society who are the most vulnerable and least wealthy.


‘They’ve been taking the piss for years, now it’s time to help them kick the habit and get back to meaningful employment’

 ‘By meaningful employment we mean they should start doing something with their lives that actually makes them and other people happy.  This doesn’t have to have anything to do with money, in fact, especially in their case, it most definitely shouldn’t’

 ‘We are only going to do this by getting off our arses, getting organised and tackling the problem at its root – by tackling the elite themselves. This means getting our money back and getting some sort of control over these scroungers.  It’s time to finish this government and all others that try to steal from us, whilst supporting these fraudsters’

 ‘Most of all it means we are going to have to act with kindness, respect and understanding towards each other.  We mustn’t believe the divide and rule stuff.’

 ‘We can’t start believing public sector workers have cushy jobs so they should be sacked, or that students have it easy, so should pay more, or that benefit claimants are lying scum and should get to work, or that people of different colour skin or different religious beliefs are the cause of all society’s problems, because they’re different.’

 ‘Looking out for number one is what they want you to do.  Because that way it’ll be easier to steal from you and everyone you know, whilst blaming you for it.  Don’t buy it, be better than that and let’s start creating an alternative’.

Next week, how they are tricking the nearly 3 million unemployed off their benefits, driving people out of their homes during the process – and more importantly driving down wages for everyone by creating a desperate underclass. 

Wonderfully this is all done whilst blaming the victims!


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