RIGHTIO – so you’ve heard of us dirty black hooded punk listening scum, but you’ve not really got an idea of what we’re about – except we seem to like black, right?

Well, here’s a little starter for you, just to give you a taste and see what you think – I promise we’re not gonna quote any dead Russians at ya!

Firstly –what we don’t like (always so much easier!)

Political Parties – the leaders of parties, however good they sound, always turn out to have been lying all along and screw us all over.  Always. Every time.  Honestly it never fails.  if you ever look back in history and go, ‘well they weren’t so bad…’ well I bet you’ll find out that at the time they had a near revolution on their hands and had to be nice or else they weren’t gonna be seeing their nuts for a good long time* – or actually they were just utter bastards and we’d been lied to at school. **

The worst bit is that their following – the members of the party – believe in their leaders so much they go around desperately defending their actions, whether it’s war, genocide, torture or making crap references to old adverts!

Revolutionary Parties  – Just to add, these guys are a bunch of pricks as well.  Not only do they hang out with megaphones everywhere, but again, everywhere they’ve taken power (Russia, China, Cambodia, etc) they’ve been equally responsible for genocide in the name of the party and for the crushing of individual freedoms as well!

It’s not just historical, if you’ve ever joined one of these organisations, they immediately try to indoctrinate you, force you to sell papers, and kick you out if you don’t follw the party line.  ‘Nuff said.

Organised Religion –Hopefully this is pretty obvious – every time someone says they speak for God and you’ve gotta listen to them to know ‘The Truth,’ about 5 minutes later they’re pointing out all the sinners and what you’re gonna have to do to them (kill, burn, torture, etc).

They usually go around telling you perfectly natural things like sex, masturbation and dinosaurs are abominations put her by the Devil to distract you from The Truth as well.  Of course the first two are pretty enjoyable… maybe they’ve got a point?!

No, no.  They’re just conveniently stuck together ideas that usually have nothing to do with the people or teachings they’re talking about, but because they’re so clear provide us all with a bit of something to believe in a crazy world.  That is then used to dominate and divide us all (often with the best of intentions again) – until we end up realising, this yet another bunch of shitty bastards trying to tell us what to do.

Just because it’s in the name of God doesn’t mean they give a shit about us.

Monarchy – yeah so what?  who cares really?  We all know that being born supposedly better than someone is stupid, but whatever.

Capitalism – Ah the big C.  It’s often made out to difficult, but it’s a pretty simple one – the big C is way of living the guarantees that all we live for, our sole purpose in life, is to make profit.

Looking out for other people? Forget about it.  Feeding the poor? Where’s the cash in that?  Looking after the planet? Err can we put a 99p in it?  Having fun?  Well there’s ways to make money out of that right? Etc, etc.

It’s a pretty sad world where we put a price on everything – the cuts are a good example, it is clear from cuts in benefits, pensions, welfare, environmental protection that these things are worth less than the bonuses of bankers, and the corporations (who are recording record profits!).  But really should helping a sick person be measured in money?  Or sharing knowledge? Or growing food for each other?

The worst thing of all is that there can be democracy whilst there’s capitalism, cause money is power and well, power corrupts.

I know I robbed it, but so what, I’m an anarchist!

Hierarchy – err, yeah, right…

Well this is just my easy way of lumping together everything that’s bad and putting it in one place.

Appalling ideas like:

Racism (I’m better than you cause of my skin colour, community, identity, whatever) –shit right?

Sexism (the idea that half the world is somehow inferior to the other half and should be treated like pretty vases that should up and be looked at) –well that’s wack as well.

Any form of oppression where the rights, wants, or desires of one set of people is put over another is pretty bait.  Well that’s what we think anyways.  That’s hierarchy, putting some people over others.  It always ends in disaster so…

So down with that crap!

Nations – Nationalism for starters is crap.

You draw a line in the sand and then say, well you people on the other side are shit, and here’s why… you live over there!  You probably speak in a different way or dress in a different way – how fucking awful is that?!!! You scum!!! WE MUST KILL YOU!!!

That’s our potted history of nationalism.

Nationalists, not content with starting on people on other sides of lines, also like to start on the people inside their own lines – and not just the ones with different coloured skin or noses either!

Nope, they like starting on socialists, trade unionists, anarchists – or as they describe them ‘dirty lefty teachers, students and hippies’.  I guess they’re partially right!  Basically anyone who cares about other people, they hate.

So it would seem like a good idea to get rid of nations.  I mean without nations you can’t have nationalism.  And you don’t have to have the shitty governments that come with nations either. I mean they’re the ones always screwing us, along with the ones making the cash.  We think governments always serve the interests of the rich even if they don’t mean to – it’s just the way it’s set up.

That means the UK government – for instance – will always screw the majority of it’s own people, and the rest of the world to protect profits and business.  It’s sounds simplistic, but trust, that’s how it goes down.  Regardless of the party, the result is the same.

Seeing as that’s the way it seems to work, we’ve started thinking, come on now, there’s gotta be a better way to organise ourselves!

So things we like…

Communities – people looking out for each other and working together, however they think of their community.

Whether it’s your hood, the people you go clubbing with, watch the footy with, or go to work with, they’re your people.  Which is good thing.  You running your own community without being told what to do is good thing as well.


So here’s where it gets deep!  We think that the people that make decision should be you and me.  I mean all of us.  That means politicians do what we tell them. In fact there shouldn’t even such a thing a career politicians, you should do it for a year and then fuck off.  It should be like jury service – or community service – a punishment we all have to do once!

The ideas are pretty simple for Direct democracy.  Everyone you choose to represent you does exactly what you tell them, and they get sacked if they don’t.  They should be rotated constantly so they don’t get to comfy and start giving orders instead of taking them, and they should ideally be on the wages and doing the same work as you – they’re not gonna be swanning it up on 80k a year with expenses and two homes unless we all are!

Working – for yourself and each other!

Work nowadays is wank – most of us do summat we hate, for someone we don’t know to make them cash – and we consider ourselves lucky if we don’t have to, or if it pays a us bit more than some other unlucky fucker.

Well calling the shots is what we want with our politics soooo…

We think this should be the same where you work.  Fuck getting told what to do (unless of course you like that, in which case you can choose to do that – the beauty of democracy!) and letting someone else decide you wages.  How about you call the shots?

Fairly simple stuff.  And it works.  In Argentina there are over 350 factories being run by the workers.  They all get paid more than they used to and they make more than enough to put money into their communities and local services.

How about somewhere less exotic?  Well all over the UK co-operatives (run by the workers for the workers and the stake holders such as the community) out perform commercial enterprises in wages and happiness – which lets face it is what counts.  Working less for more, with better hours to fit more fun stuff in, surely that’s what we all want right?!!!

Federations/Networks/whatever/ just not Nations

OK but what about Nations and stuff we need them right?

Not really – I mean we could live in networks, or federations of communities, choosing what federation we want live in not cause of where it is, but cause of what it’s i like – it’d be like Star Trek!

Basically the idea is that we don’t define ourselves by one land mass, but choosing together as community what we want to be part of.  And because there should be no borders, you can move wherever you want if you don’t like it, or have enough democratic control in your hood to change it.

A bit too out there for ya?  Well we’d get to choose together in a democracy, so we could sort out however we think is best.

So that’s our rough plan.  Get rid of the shit, take a bit of control over our own lives and have more fun and be just a bit nicer to each other.  What do ya reckon?

*(for instance, in 1945 the Labour party took over government in the UK and brought in the national health service, built houses and a load of other half decent stuff – but what people forget is that they were gonna have to deal with over a million armed men coming home who had been striking all the way through the war – and they’d been promised something good to come home to, or else there was gonna be hell to pay).

** Churchill, for instance, was a knob.  Inventor of the concentration camp, this war obsessed nutball was considered crazy by most Tories of the time.  An out and out racist, he sided with the fascists in the Spanish civil war and was the only Prime Minister to use the British military on his on own people in the 20th century, who he used to kill Welsh miners (saying ‘lets get those dirty rats out of their holes’).  What a bastard.


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