All Wars Are Crimes

Yet again we are being asked to rally around the flag, to support a war that is against our own interests, and will do nothing but ruin the lives of others.

Cameron and his Lackeys in the Labour and Liberal parties may be presenting this as ‘Invasion-Lite’ – with the all new and improved ‘no boots on the ground’ policy, but the fluffy rhetoric hides a violent a terrible reality for all of us.

1)  Even if the war was just, it would be ineffective, air strikes are not going to stop ISIS, and the Kurds are saying that it just making them fight harder and will cause more civilian casualties.

This is just like what happened in the so called ‘just war’ in the Balkans – in the end the bombing campaign we launched for ‘humanitarian reasons’ left 10,000 unexploded bombs across Kosovo, ‘destroyed ten years of hard work’ by  human rights and civil society organisations (according to Human Rights Watch), created $100bn of damage (which UK companies made a bucket off rebuilding) and MOST IMPORTANTLY we actually started the Ethnic cleansing and precipitated four times more deaths after we started bombing!

2) Britain (by which I mean the government and it’s weapons companies, not us) set up all the rotten bastards in this part of the world – including ISIS.  Our enemies and friends keep changing in name, but one thing is the same – we are always helping someone kill someone else…

Check the list of our former friend friends – Quaddaffi, The Saudi royal Family, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, the royal families of all the Arab Kingdoms, Israel,  Hosni Mubarak, the Shah of Iran, the various dictators of Pakistan, and cruel puppet ‘democratic’ regimes of Iraq and Afganistan, and so on…

3) Do you think that they supported them by accident, that they keep trying their best to help the poor Arabs, but they keep fucking it up by mistake?  No.  Some people (in the UK) made a fuck ton of cash out of all those bastards.  And all the poor fuckers they killed, raped and tortured.

The UK is all four horseman of the Apocalypse for this region, we have caused the suffering of untold numbers of working class people whose names we will never know, and we have made the world a more dangerous place for them and us.

4) If you think this makes us safer you must be fucking kidding!

Every time they bomb another country,  they kill more and more working class people. I imagine the survivors bear a grudge. It is probably hard to see how bombs killed your family for your benefit (it is hard to have perspective holding a dead family member in your arms).

They also are taking our  freedoms away one by one, to protect ourselves against a threat that kills less British people a year than choking on food!

They are using our taxes to do this – to strip us of our freedoms and mutilate and destroy the lives of thousands.

If politicians and nutters want to fight people I suggest they go and get a weapon and duke it out with each other, leave us all the fuck out of it.

But they wont will they?  Cowards

P.S.  Yes I am aware there are nutters beheading and murdering people out there, but I just don’t believe we can help by bombing the shit out of anyone, or sending in the army.
And when that chinless wonder says we should go in, you know there is only one reason for it – money.
All wars are crimes, this one will be no different.

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